Who Are We?

It was just another day and Shawn was in another candle aisle at a local retailer captivated by the candles and smelling every single one. The running joke is he could stay in a candle store all day smelling them. A trip through Michaels and a little wax later Caravan Candle was born.

Shawn began his journey with just having a love for fragrances simply for the scent. However, he didn't just want to make candles. Shawn wanted to create an experience with his candles in a unique way that truly resonated with people.

Our fragrances are inspired by popular destinations from around the world. Shawn handcrafts our candles locally in Richmond, Virginia in small batches using high quality wax with a blend of fragrance oils and essential oils to make sure you get a quality candle with captivating fragrances. We have traveled to four locations so far including Italy, France, Salem, Massachusetts, and New York City, NY with many more destinations to come. 

We love to hear the stories from customers about how our fragrances trigger memories that take them instantly back to that moment or have a connection to the location we chose for the candles.

This journey has been incredibly rewarding and we are excited for you to join our journey as we take you around the world with us through our candles. 

So the question is... Where do you want to go?